The song is a personal take on the experience of leaving home for long periods of time. Writing it was crucial to put into perspective my recent past as an expat who eventually chose to return home, to his personal bell tower. The work of Italian anthropologist De Martino and the English writer Bruce Chatwin are discussed.

Resources on this topic

  • De Martino, E. (1977). La fine del mondo. Giulio Einaudi. English speakers can read an account of the genesis of the book in: Ginzburg, C. (2017). On Ernesto de Martino’s” The End of the World” and Its Genesis. Chicago Review, 60(4/1), 77-91.
  • Chatwin, B. (1997). Anatomy of Restlessness, London, Picador / Chatwin, B. (1996). Anatomia dell’irrequietezza. Adelfi.


Music & lyrics by Massimo Giovanardi

Massimo Giovanardi: vocals, guitar, back vocals, percussions

Mauro Mussoni: double bass